Spir-O-Mizer™ Patented

Heavy Duty

SPIR-O-MIZER™ is a heavy duty steel type centralizer cast as a one piece unit for strength and reliability. The material is as strong as the casing, making it extremely tough for rough service use.

Improved Fluid Dynamics

SPIR-O-MIZER™ spiral blades greatly assist fluid swirl both in vertical and horizontal wells. This feature improves hole cleaning and cement placement even in horizontal well-bores.

Guaranteed Stand-Off

SPIR-O-MIZER™ offer a guaranteed minimum stand-off. This is not true for semi rigid and bow type centralizers. When bows flex under the casing weight in higher deviations, stand-off is minimal.

Zero Running Forces

The SPIR-O-MIZER™ outside diameter is designed to be marginally under bit size so there are no running forces to overcome.

Torque Reduction

SPIR-O-MIZER™ are proving to be very effective in reducing torque while rotating liners. 7" liners in excess of 5000 feet long have been rotated successfully in the North Sea.

High Temperature

Suitable for Very High Temperature applications.


Torque and drag problems are very common during drilling, completion, and work-over operations. Excessive torque and drag in the borehole will result in pipe buckling, tubular failure or restricted running operations. Downhole Products utilize a range of software solutions to alleviate many of these problems, calculating the centralizer placement, casing standoff and torque and drag for ERD or deviated wellbore.

Spir-o-Lizer™ Bladerunner™ Econ-O-Glider™ Spir-O-Mizer™ PA4B™ Expand-O-Lizer™

A heavy duty one piece cast steel type centralizer offering a cost effective reliable solution where Torque & Drag reduction is required.

Possessing a material yield strength equal to that of casing, SPIR-O-MIZER™ is the world's strongest casing centralizer.