PA4B™ Centralizer

Maximum Torque & Drag Reduction

Thousands of field runs worldwide have proven that the Spir-o-lizer's advanced metallurgy and design are reducing both drag (sliding forces) and torque by typically 40% compared to other solid/rigid centralizers.

This reduction in drag is proving invaluable in getting casing, liners, and screens to bottom with ease, in demanding and tortuous wells. In addition, Operators are reporting a 99% success rate when rotating liners during clean up and cementation when utilising Spir-o-lizers.

In many cases, utilising Spir-o-lizer, costly high torque connections are proving to be over specified.

Exceptional Wear Resistance

The Spir-o-lizer's resistance to abuse is unparalleled due to its resilience and ductility.

Field runs have proven that the tools ability to resist wear in both cased and open hole will ensure maximum standoff throughout the string.

Extends Casing Life

The Spir-o-lizer is unique, as it offers an extension to casing life by delaying the corrosion cycle, via the introduction of downhole cathodic protection.

Spir-o-Lizer™ Bladerunner™ Econ-O-Glider™ Spir-O-Mizer™ PA4B™ Expand-O-Lizer™

Designed specifically for Gravel Packing Operations. PA4B centralizers are manufactured from the same Zinc Alloy material as Spir-o-lizer.

Zinc alloys low friction characteristics significantly reduce drag as proven in the latest world record step out wells.

PA4B Centralizers greatly assist Gravel flow across long horizontal sections. The non overlapping angled blades help maintain lift and swirl to carry gravel over longer distances.