EXPAND-O-LIZER™ ES Extreme Service

The Engineered solution for under reamed hole applications

NEW Non-welded, robust one piece design

Suitable for onshore installation reducing Rig-time cost and HSE exposure

Downhole Products EXPAND-O-LIZER™ ES

Unique Design (Design right pending) Significantly reduces running forces through the intermediate casing. Providing excellent stand-off in the open hole section ensuring ideal conditions for uniform cementation and preventing channelling. (Product specification data available)

Downhole Products EXPAND-O-LIZER™ ES

The only under reamed hole centralizer provided to the market where test conditions EXCEED API 10D requirements as under reamed hole applications EXCEED the demands of well conditions where standard bow type centralizer's are utilized. (Test data available)

Downhole Products EXPAND-O-LIZER™ ES

Utilizing a single integral bi-directional Drive Collar c/w Engineered high holding force set screws (60% improved holding force on traditional set screws). The single Drive Collar design pulls the centralizer through the intermediate casing, reducing Start and Running forces by 30-40% over traditional stop collars

Expand-o-Lizer BS™ Expand-o-Lizer SS™ Expand-o-Lizer ES™ Expand-o-Lizer SUB™

Downhole Products EXPAND-O-LIZER™ 'ES' is the engineered solution for a complete under-reamed casing operation, ensuring the best possible conditions for cement placement